Friday, July 13, 2012

Soyokaze Harbor

I'm working on Soyokaze Harbor planning.

I've been sitting on these small ships for a long while now and thought that I'd snag a Tomytec fishing building and build out a small harbor scene.

 Well, it turns out did the same thing already, so I'm trying to make it look a little different.
(Though it's hard because I LOVE what they did! :)   )  

This will give me a smaller project to work through and complete this summer.

I'm starting with a sketch, but once the harbor fishery shows up from Japan, I'm going to lay it out physically on foam core. I think I might build the module on foam core as well - building it up and giving it depth, then overlaying plaster gauze for the terrain.

Key points I would like to have are:
• Fishing area with trucks and workers
• Small area with homes and streets
• A track running through the scene in the background
• Water
• MAYBE some sound effects of a harbor
• LIGHTS! I have a small light kit and I plan to light the buildings! WHOOT!


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