Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soyokaze Harbor overlook, stairs and ramp

I thought it might be a nice touch to add in a little overlook into the Soyokaze Harbor scene. Maybe something that is officially not for use, but that everyone uses anyway. There are always those places here in the States, so I'm making the assumption that human nature drives people to go to places they are not supposed to go to in Japan as well. :)

I started by doing a simple measurement of the space I needed to cover. Then I did some really basic designing of the look of the bridge itself.

I kept the style simple, unlike the other bridge I built recently. It's a simple platform with raised side walls. I used the I-beam styrene parts I had left over from my other bridge project.

I painted and weathered the overlook a bit, keeping it a simple brown. I might have some moss or moss-like painting on the bridge, too. I just need to find some reference material in the massive list of images I've gathered about Japan, it's coasts and it's structures. I think this will be a fun little addition once the details get placed. I plan to have a little kissing couple on the overlook. Ah, the romance! :)

I built stairs and a ramp for the main building as well. I had to drop the dock area down to make it work with the water level, so I needed to build stairs and a ramp so people could access the area. I think I may re-do the stairs - making them larger so they are easier to access.


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