Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cool Find - BROOKLYN: 3 AM

BROOKLYN: 3 AM, built by Prof Klyzlr, from Sydney is a REALLY amazing layout. Klyzlr is a frequent guest on MODEL RAIL RADIO and he has a LOT to say about the hobby. :)

Brooklyn: 3AM is just what it sounds like - a layout based on a small area of Brooklyn at 3am. Klyzlr went the extra mile every step of the way adding lights, sounds and a "wet look" that really rounds the scene out beautifully.

His process is shown in great detail here: http://n-rail.blogspot.com/2011/08/model-rail-radio.html

The level of detail is fantastic. The scene is packed with detail. It's a sight to behold and something to aspire to for me. I love what he's done with the layout. I'd love to see this in person one day. I'm sure the photos don't do it complete justice.

I like the fact that it's not a "complete" layout, too. I don't have the space for what I want to do at the moment, but have been working on my module here and there. I plan to work the module as much as I can with a focus on this level of detail. (( Or...something like it. :)  ))

 The use of "set pieces" like the trucks, graffiti, and Warehouse Rave really lock the scene in place. Again, something I aspire to on my module. Soyokaze Lake, Soyokaze Bridge and the Temple Area are all ripe for detail and exploration.

Nice work, Prof! :)

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  1. This is certainly one of my favorite layouts, in addition to being one of the most discussed on Model Rail Radio. Original, different, and fantastic!

    I'm really looking forward to meeting the Prof when he comes to town in September.