Friday, September 14, 2012

Shizuka - The New Arrangement

I switched up the Shizuka layout, taking it from the standard square the the batwing design I spoke to in my last post. While I lost a little bit of space, I gained much more interest in the overall scene. The track is no longer an oval. It winds through the cityscape and has a fun flow. From a visual standpoint, it offers a little more to shoot photo-wise and gives many more chances for little scenic touches. 

Of course, this new situation makes me long for the day I can actually get a full layout going. The track leading off has my mind spinning on the scenic route it can take to connect up with Soyokaze and just how cool it will be to have everything running, lit and together. One day.

For now, I'll take what I can get.

I like the look of this setup, like what it offers in the way of projects and it makes a LOVELY distraction from work from time to time. :)

There are little things with it that worked out really well. The whole back-story of Soyokaze providing seafood to Shizuka and having Drake's Seafood (no, not a Japanese name - Drake is my son heheh) as part of the scene really worked out well. I plan to pepper little things like that through both the Shizuka  and Soyokaze layouts.

The blank spaces that the batwing left MAY be filled in with foam core. We'll see. 

Comments welcome.


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