Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Shizuka Switch Up

I was looking at an old photo of my Shizuka office layout area and something stuck me - I was bored by the concept of it already. I have my space set up again in my new office and thought that I was going to jump in and start rolling with it right off, but (current work load aside) it just didn't get me going.

I think the first reason is that I'm really looking forward to having working trains and trolleys going between the Shizuka and Soyokaze sections and all the fun between.  I have it worked out and having the space to do it will be amazing if and when it happens. The waiting has finally hit a pain point. Having the layout in a work space I only frequent two days a week these days doesn't really help a lot either.

I was listening to MODEL RAIL RADIO on the way home from work today and something struck me. I'm not running trains on this layout currently anyway. (Round and round makes me crazy) Why have it be a loop?

Again, I thought about this on the way home and won't be back at the office for another day, so I couldn't play with the idea physically. I had to do some searching via the internet. I found the KATO Unitram plate catalog and they had a serving suggestion involving a loop combined with my set. I figure I can try to use the plate portion of their suggestion or something like it to add some more interest to my Shizuka layout until the Bright And Shiny Future® comes where I can start my layout proper. :)

I think this might be the ticket to spice things up a bit. I can't wait to get to the office to try it out.

Oh...wait...yes I can. :)

Photos to follow.


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