Sunday, September 9, 2012

TOMIX #4018 building build out

 The build out of the Tomix building has started. At first, I was going to do a lot of detail work for the inside, but after taking a look at the darkness of the windows, I've decided to do simple stuff to create some shadows inside, but I'm not taking a lot of time with it.

With some outside light shining in through side windows, but no internal lights in place, there was no real need to do much more than shadow figures and foam core blocks to give the illusion of life within the building. Later, if I get the LED lights together for the "All together Now" layout of the future, I may rip this pass out and go for more detail.  Of course, who knows when that may be. :)

I've worked on the first two floors so far. I have a small lobby in place with a few folks waiting at the elevator, then I have a rather plain office above that. The thought behind that was that the office set to run the building and to take on other small tasks for local businesses that they had going.

The floors above will have a small art gallery and a few other stores of that nature - again, mostly cloaked in shadow and insinuation.

I've added some signs and mannequin figures to the front windows of the building as well.

The TOMIX products are pretty grand. They have just enough detail to make them interesting, but give enough space to add additional details and things to really make them your own if you so desire. There are some fantastic examples of this out there of people doing just that. The Tomytec and Tomix products are perfect building blocks for custom projects. I'll see how far this one goes for me.


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  1. Great detail guys! I also love on adding detail to the building.

    The dark object on the ground floor looks like a piano :)