Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soyokaze Lighting

Sorry about the blur

I've made an initial pass at the lighting in some of the Soyokaze buildings. Not bad seeing as I'm just using a Tomytec lighting system and not really using LEDs wired in. I just could not sort out the LED stuff at this time. It wasn't fun for me and I was rapidly getting frustrated with something that was supposed to be fun. :)

The next step over the next few days....or to paint the insides of the buildings black and work out styrene blockers for the lights inside. Currently, it looks like there are giant, six foot tall lights in each building. heh   I'm also planning to experiment with paint on the styrene glow boxes to get that nice, orange glow I'm looking for. The "glow box" will just be simple styrene to take the light intensity down. I've seen it done and it works wonders.

I also plan to add figures, tables and other items into the store and restaurant fronts to make them look populated.

I'm glad I took a moment to drill the holes for the lights. It was well worth the effort. 


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