Friday, August 9, 2013

Shelf scene progress: Aug 9th

Well, I'm making some progress on my little shelf scene. 

I finally got my fiber optic filament, so I'm able to lock down the lighting and then I'll be able to glue the foam down. That will make everything seem far more permanent. The filament is fun stuff and is working like a charm. I need to run it out to the buildings in the scene and some of the other areas were little ambient light boxes will be. It should add a lot to the scene. 

I'm pretty happy with the overall placement of the foam and how things are going to work. I have my DAS clay ready to go for the street, I have a rough plan in my head about the bridges and other styrene objects I'm going to create, so now it's just a matter of execution - taking my time and making things happen when I can. 

I do plan on taking some proper time off in the near future as well, so I'll set aside a few hours for Malco Time along with everything else we usually have going on. 

The overall look and feel I'd like is something along the lines of my hero Akihiro Morohoshi's work. I love the overall feel - realistic and "used", but not worn out. Weathered with a little flair to it. Details and life abounds in his work. I love it. 

I'll post progress shots as progress is made on the project. As always, comments are welcome!


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  1. I use lot of fiber optic on my layout too, it is really great!