Friday, January 17, 2014

Greenmax Buildings

I'm super happy with the offerings of GREENMAX. I tried out one of their sets a while back, but I wasn't as patient as I am now as far as process and production. :) I rushed through and got frustrated with the way the Greenmax buildings were supposed to be put together - a very modular style. There were a few areas that were tricky and they couldn't be rushed through, but of course I tried to rush through so I could complete the project. Very messy. It was fun building out each floor, however.

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I gave the Greenmax product another spin recently and it was a different experience all together. Now, I'll never build one of those "box of sticks" kits. That's not me. However, these modular kits are a lot of fun to put together.

This time, I paced myself and didn't rush and things went far better than my first round.

The instructions are very basic and, in usual Japanese instruction fashion, they were very easy to follow. The kit came with materials to build six houses. There are a few styles of walls and roofs to select from and you mix and match to taste to a certain extent.

When I did some additional research, it turns out that there are folks who also take the kits to another level where they just freestyle the buildings - making them longer and higher.

I did my usual overkill and built out the insides of the buildings as well. Most of the details I added are difficult if not impossible to see...but, I know they're there.

They have a selection of signs and markings that you can apply as well including small things like sale signs and vending machines for the fronts of the buildings. It really tops things off nicely. I have round one of weathering going on these including some tricks that my idol...Akihiro Morohoshi...((takes a moment...places his hand over his heart and looks towards Japan))  :::grin:::...did in his Greemax kitbash video.

Of course, now I want to get another set of these buildings to work out the larger building kitbash and to seek out the first building set I get to try it out again. See if I can do a little better and cleaner job with it this time. Luckily, I have a birthday coming up and I just LOVE buying my own gifts. :)

 I'm really loving how Old Town is coming together. I'll be able to get some great scenes going.

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  1. Malcolm you are doing a great job on these. Like how you're using the upper floors.

    1. Thanks, Brad. I'm super junior, but I'm having fun. :)