Monday, January 6, 2014

Unitram Plates fix!

AH HA! The Unitram plates solved!  :)

Instead of changing out ALL the Unitram plates, I'll change out the plates in the very front of the layout - setting the roadways at an angle and adding a LOT of interest to the overall look of the layout. It's huge.

I'm going to keep some of the plates - the Unitram plates are grand. But, I'll swap out sections to have some angles and fun alley areas where I'll be able to do a lot of cool detail work.

The green area will be roadway and the blue and white will be the new building areas

I'm going to build out all new areas for the markets and hospital areas (in blue)

I think this will solve my issue with the block-style of the plates, but I won't have to build out everything. However, if the process is easy and has the right look, it might be worth redoing the whole of the plate sections with leaving the track areas. Again, I'll have to do some tests and research.

Now...what to build out the roads with that I can match the road plates a bit. :) Suggestions welcome!


  1. Just want to share with you, I use paper to make the road. (print out the texture)

    1. Interesting!
      I'll have to talk to you about that in greater detail. Have anything on your site about it?

    2. please check here

      The Z shape road in the center is just a paper print out.

    3. Ahhhhh!!! Very smart! I might look into this method. Thank you!

    4. I remember another method, you can use sandpaper for the road. The texture is exactly match with the real one. Just choose the weight and colour you like. Hope this help. :)