Monday, January 27, 2014

Ground replacement

Man, I did a simple replacement of the Harbor Area ground and it made a huge difference.
I had this green foam in and it was...not what I had in mind. Placeholder.
I sprayed some foam core and dropped that in and it's FAR closer to what I was wanting. I'm going to go back in on it and detail it a bit - drawing in lines to suggest large, cement blocks. I'm really liking the look.

I did the same under a block of shops and the Shizuka city area and it ties things together well.

Simple. Quick. And getting me fired up over the layout. :)

I'm currently working on the Temple area mountain and thinking through another "hill" area for the Shizuka side that can have some buildings and a road running up and into it.

After working out the Temple hill / mountain, I want to work on the water in the harbor. I'm going to shoot for this sort of coloring and depth coloring - showing some shades under the water surface like there are items deep down under.

And...I might need more boats.....   :)    

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