Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Soyokaze Village: New Track design

Meanwhile, in Soyokaze...


I have a new track layout going and I like it. The changes make things a little more interesting visually and make sense in the grand plan.

Things are not running as high as they were. I've dropped everything down to the deck and I've raised one section of the village area for now. It may actually go higher, but I'm good with the height for now.

The station area will be fun to run pathways to and from with people waiting and walking from one point to another. There may be some street vendors set in this area - welcoming tourists to Soyokaze with the smell of fresh food and trinkets to buy. :)

The track is a simple loop with a switch that takes the tram to the little station track. I can "park" the tram there and switch over to the Harbor train for some cargo and "operations" stuff on a micro level, moving things around on the two Harbor tracks and into Shizuka for fun. It works well for me. I have some switching going on without getting too crazy with it.

The bridge in the front of the photo above will be set over a small ravine area. I may also have a roadway running between it and the village with another running around the very edge of the layout. It might be a fun little design. There would be a road bridge crossing that same ravine area in the front.

 The Temple area was unaffected by the track change. I think the whole of this area may be raised "mountain style", taking it up another two inches from where it is now. This will give me a huge view block for the Harbor area.  I want to get more foliage and trees in around the area and pack it with tourists walking around and taking photos. Something like...


I'm looking forward to some great photo scenes. :)

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome!

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