Friday, May 23, 2014

May Progress - additional items

More news from Soyokaze and Shizuka


I did a little lite weathering on my Modemo tram. It was hard to dive in on it, but I'm happy that I did. Light gray areas are now wondrously weathered and "used" feeling, the body has some wear marks, but doesn't look like it's ready for retirement (Thanks, James Lincoln - good advise on that from a Model Rail Radio Show. "Don't make it look like the railroad wouldn't be running it anymore because it's so beat up!" :)  ) and it looks like it's been out in the elements a bit instead of pulled from a box and placed. Ahhhh. 

The images don't really do it justice. I really need to break out the proper camera for some better photos.


I also hit my little rail train and box cars. Much better.

Naze hashi なぜ橋 details

I finally got around to doing the last bit of barrier work on the bridge. I went with using the road barriers from KATO turned upside down and I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Roz From Oz - what do you think?   :)

Soyokaze Station 02 details are in, but I need to take another "clean up" pass at it. I was working a bit too fast and would like to address some of the sloppy lines and the like. know...better than out of the box, in my most humble of opinions. :)

More KATO barrier use

In place

One thing I really need to think about are sidewalks. I need to put some thought into that for sure. You can purchase them - sure. Or, I could make them out of styrene sheets, but I'd rather come up with a cost effective, Home Depot-like solution. Like some sort of strip roll of some product that could be cut down and applied that looks like sidewalk. Any feedback there would be appreciated.


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