Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Naze hashi なぜ橋

While I think the bridges could use another small round of detailing, I'm pretty happy with the way they've turned out. I added some people, cars, lights, railings, a bench and other details that really pulled things together.

Comments welcome, as usual. :)

I painted up the trestle - I like it much better than the black.

The last round of bridge details really made a huge difference.

Seeing the bridges in place makes me happy as well. While more blending and the like needs to be done, this first round of building worked out well. Once I get the water and other scenic elements in place, it's really going to make the bridge area pop. 

 Things are coming along. There are areas and scenes that I'm enjoying immensely! :)


  1. Looking good Malcolm,
    The thing that would finish off the arch bridge would be to continue the barrier all along on the side where you have your auto's , ( you only have a small barrier in the middle ) are you going to continue the barrier on the edge !!!?? * I might be jumping the gun * cheers Ros

    1. Interesting story behind that. :) :::blush::: I ran out of material. hehehe After I did it, I thought I could let it pass, but after seeing it in place and seeing that you caught it too, I'll be adding more in the future. :)
      Thanks for looking!

  2. Great work, as usual! May I know what material did you use for the bridge? Is it design by yourself or you reference from a real one?

    1. Thank you, Rios!
      The deck is foam core and everything else is styrene. I have the breakdown here on the blog.
      I came up with the overall design based on a few bridges that I have seen and liked.
      • Nada Bridge - the arch, but very thick feeling
      • Sobu Rail Line - more simple
      • Shin Ohashi - very modern and thin
      • Chuo Bridge - again, modern with thin rails
      I drew up the design after looking at these and came up with the plan. It's almost like the walking bridge I made a few years back.