Saturday, May 3, 2014

Soyokaze Bridge buidling - Phases 01 and 02

As I've said in previous posts, I've finally come up with a reason for the trestle at the front of my layout. And, that lead to another bridge creation - this time for cars and foot traffic.

Naze hashi  

(Why Bridge)  :)

I did a series of rough sketches to get the design down. The base of the bridge is foam core with styrene accents and supporting structures.

Additional "cheap" styrofoam was  used as the under support structure.

 I'm going to paint up the area below the bridge to represent a sort of estuary or inlet.

 The design is simple, but I like the feeling - foot traffic on one side and autos on the other.


I did the first round of building, then sprayed the whole bridge with a gray. The arches will be painted in a traditional red.

I also had to do a double check in the space afterwards. After seeing the bridge in place, the bridge seemed a little modern for the space right in front of the Village, however it made sense for the City. I plan to add wood accents to offset the modern look a bit.

As I assembled the bridge, little things started popping up in my head. Items like pedestrian safety and barriers so cars and people wouldn't just...OOPS it off the roadway into the water. hehehehe These details are being addressed as best I can so that I can look at the bridge without being upset about the flaws. :::grin:::: I'm adding more and more of these safeguards - Phase 02.

 Phase 03 is just another level of details and painting. Photos will follow, of course.

Comments welcome!

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