Saturday, May 30, 2015

A gift from my Uncle

I got this amazing gift from my Uncle recently. An O scale Triplex Steam Engine. My Uncle knew that I liked it and he packaged it up and sent it over to me from Maryland. A truly amazing gift!  Not only did he sent the engine, but he sent some cars to go with it plus some track to display it on.

I love it!!!! I'm not sure where I'm going to run this - maybe the garden? It's HUGE! As an N scale guy, seeing something like this is mind blowing. I still need to get a power source - evidently, the sounds on this are remarkable.

It's really a beautiful engine. My Uncle is a collector and doesn't have the space for an O scale layout right now, so when he saw how much I loved this engine, he thought he'd pass this along to me to love. :)

I mad up a little video, too.

NRAIL the Gift from Malcolm Johnson on Vimeo.

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