Friday, May 22, 2015

Burnt fishing boat

I've seen a few boat accidents that involved fire while searching for Japan harbor images and I thought that it might be a fun scene to model. The Tomytec boats come with bottoms in case yu want to have them dry docked, so I thought I'd use one of them to do a little burnt boat project.

I started with this green putty. Health hazards be damned! :) It's cool stuff. You can sculpt with it and build things up, then you can sand it if you ant something smoother than...a burnt ship. heh

I tossed a layer of of black and some color accents over the top of the green.

Based on prototype photos, I'm happy with how this turned out. It's simple and tells a fun little story...that will be written about in the future. :)

"HOW long will it take to fix this?!"   :)


  1. Good one Malcolm, looks so real ,what do you call it whale's revenge !!!


    1. LOL, Ros!
      It seems like it's not a common experience, but it's common enough for there to be a few photos of these boats on fire. Must be a scary thing for sure!