Friday, May 22, 2015

Sankei Building

New SANKEI building build.

I'm still loving the Sankei products, but they do have a few things that are difficult about them. The fact that they are card stock means that they can't be pushed too much. Things need to be lined up properly from the get go or you're cutting card stock free and trying to re-glue it later. :) And...Roket Card Glue stick anything to card stock. ANYTHING! Bugs that happen to crawl by. Other pieces you've cut out to build later. FINGERS. heheheh    That being said, they still offer a lot over traditional plastic kits.

The builds are always interesting. Looking a few steps ahead and paying attention to notches and things is a must.

The Roket glue is grand. Once you're sure where things go, you can pop them together and WHAM! it's set. This does have it's downside for sure. If you're wrong...start cutting. :)

The construction is pretty straight forward. Again, if you follow the steps and make sure things are lined up properly, things are fantastic. The smaller details are really nice. Brick carved into the card stock, building up walls and window areas with layers of card. All very cool details.

Things went really well with this build - one of the best so far. But I did get one gloob of glue on the roof, sadly. You can see the shine on the upper roof. Unfortunate, but it's still acceptable....for this round.

The kit comes with a vespa, vending machine and a lamp with a sign.

So happy with the selection of buildings that Santa-san got me in Japan!!!! And, happy that I'm a little more patient and calm - zen - when building these kits.

The paper kits really add a lot to the overall layout.


  1. Hi Malcolm, The card stock structures don't look too bad once on the layout.


    1. Yeah, I really like the overall look. I need to get in there and experiment with weathering these kits now. Make them look a little less "clean". I was thinking about pastels or weathering powders. I need to do some research. :)