Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Model Railroad Hobbyist - Why don't I read it?

There's a free and fantastic model railroading magazine available. It's SUPER easy to access as well.


You can read it online. You can download a fantastic "player" that works on numerous machines and formats. It's packed with information, great articles and more. Yet, why don't I read it? Ever? I've downloaded many of the magazines. I've even scratched out notes to go and read the thing like, "Hey, don't forget to read that awesome FREE model railroad mag!" :)  Yet, I never seem to make it back to read 'em. I just have them downloaded in a folder...waiting. The equivalent of buying a magazine, then placing it directly on the shelf and never reading it. You know...without money being involved.

So, why don't I read it? 

I think there are a few factors.

If it were a Japanese railroading free mag, I'd be looking through it all the time - even if it were in Japanese and I couldn't read any of it. I'd scan for photos and make copious amounts of notes on things I want to do. It's not, however, and some of the content - while cool - just doesn't reel me in like my Japanese stuff does.

Super easy to access and "page through"

Also, I have a Kindle, but not an iPad. I think an iPad or iPad-like device would make the experience a bit more mobile. Let's be honest, a lot of magazines are read while in the restroom and lugging a laptop in seems a bit clunky. (Though, a warm laptop on a cold day does make the experience a bit more pleasant. :::grin:::) The Kindle isn't great for the format due to the size of the screen, so it's just not drawing me in either.

I just found it interesting that I like the magazine and think it's really well put together and engaging when I do manage to look through it, but that I just don't make the effort. I read through my old magazines on my shelves from time to time, dragging them off the shelf and into the aforementioned restroom or living room to make notes and I've already looked through them numerous times.

How about you? Am I the only one that's experienced this? Just curious.


  1. I'm in the same boat, I'd really like to read it more but it just becomes a hassle.

    My wife had a generic android tablet (it broke) and there is an android app but it suffered a number of usability issues:
    * If the screen turned off it would jump back to the beginning
    * If the screen rotated it would jump back to the beginning
    * The contents page is generally not in order so if I was flipping through the magazine and the tablet accidentaly thought I was trying to rotate the screen I'd either have to flip through all the pages or try and guess what highlighted article was nearest to the page I was on and then flip through the pages till I found it.
    * flipping pages was too slow

    This meant that I couldn't just leisurely read through it and instead was stuck on my computer but even there the web viewer, on my computer, is super slow on page changes which makes reading tedious. I'm in the same boat, I'd really like to like MRH but it's just too much of a hassle

    1. Drag that there were so many technical issues for you while reading it. That would have submarined it for me for sure! No way would I put up with that.
      I'm on a Mac and the interface was perfecto. Quick, simple and no issues to speak of. I just never read it. hehehe
      I did flip through the latest while working on this little piece and found myself saying (yet again) "WHY don't I look at this?! It's great content!" :)

  2. I like to download Model Railroad Hobbyist to my laptop and take it out on my deck on a nice afternoon along with my print copies of N Scale and N Scale Railroading. If it's not a nice afternoon then it's on the couch sitting with one or more of our cats.

    1. I should fold it into my work break routine. Just read a few pages while eating lunch or sipping morning coffee! :)