Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Evengelion Shinkansen

Two articles on the Japanese Evengelion based Shinkansen trains.

Article posted by RIOS TAM.   

I have to snag one of these if they are making a commemorative version in N scale!  I love the design of it.

((Google Translated))

JR West July 23, "Shinkansen: Evangelion Project" than this autumn has announced it will start.
Shinkansen: Evangelion project
Shinkansen: Evangelion project
This Sanyo Shinkansen 40 anniversary from the whole line opened, "Evangelion" is memorial to those that start-up that it is the 20th anniversary from the TV broadcast start.
Sanyo Shinkansen Evangelion project
Driving during the period, the Sanyo Shinkansen, supervision and supervision of Anno Hideaki who is the of "Evangelion", the 500 Series Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" vehicle by going Yamashita is a mechanic designer and Mr. vehicle design.
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA"
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA"
In the car, and we enjoy content with the world of Evangelion theme during the ride. Also during the project period, and that it is also planned a variety of events such as the sale of commemorative travel products and memorabilia.
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" side
500 Shinkansen "500 TYPE EVA" side
Driving trains "Kodama 730 No." (Hakata 6: 36 → Shin-Osaka 11:14) and "Kodama 741" (Shin-Osaka 11: 32 → Hakata 16:07). Operation date will be announced separately. Travel period is scheduled from 2015 autumn to March 2017.


A Shinkansen high-speed train (aka Bullet Train) is getting a Neon Genesis Evangelion facelift.

Japanese train operator JR West is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular Japanese anime series as well as the 40th anniversary of completion of the Sanyo Shinkansen line by designing the exterior of the bullet train with features from the Evangelion Unit-01.

The interior will also receive an Evangelion makover and special memorabilia from the franchise will be available for passengers to purchase.

It'll run twice each day from Hakata to Shin-Osaka, starting in the fall and ending in March of 2017.


  1. There will be a HO model up soon, I am looking forward for a N one as well.

    1. It's a must have for me, Rios. :) Very cool.