Sunday, July 26, 2015

TAKARA Train and Scene Display

I stumbled across TAKARA's Train and Scene Display gashapon toys yesterday at a local toy shop. Sadly, they only had the one available for purchase.

For those not familiar with gashapon toys - they are little toys that are usually in small boxes that you can not see into. They show you all the items in the series and you buy blind, wondering which one you've received in the box.  Fun if not a little bit frustrating as well. hehehe Many store have taken to actually opening the box, circling what's inside and charging more for each. Well worth it as far as I'm concerned. I've spent a lot of money on some of these sets while trying to get specific be the point! :)

Interesting side note: Each item comes with a small piece of gum. Evidently, THAT is what you are purchasing, not the toy. Something to do with taxes, etc. It's a work around that I find to be rather cute. "No's not a TOY. It's gum. You're paying $4 for a small, bland piece of gum."  :)

ANYWAY...these are cool sets. There are five pieces in this particular one and I'm rather happy with what I got, though I would have loved to get the little mountain bridge scene.

Another reason I love Japanese items - they have a sense of fun that I just don't see a lot of here, though many American companies try. hehehe

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