Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Jan 2013 layout

I was looking through some old photos of my layout and thought I'd toss them up for a little flashback.

The layout was more of a module set up on my dressers. We lived in San Francisco and the apartment was really small. Using the tops of the dressers really worked out - space that was already taken and that wasn't really being used for much.

The small size made it easy to add various details and interactions. I plan on adding many details like these onto the new setup.


I liked the layers on these modules. The new extension will have more levels like these. I might even be able to add some additional elevation elements into the Soyokaze section on the current layout. 

The seawall and dock areas were also fun on the old module. I'm glad I took a ton of photos of this section! :)

Again, I liked the elevation of the old Soyokaze section. I really made a mistake not going for something similar in the new Soyokaze arrangement. Looking at these raised areas with roads and walkways makes me want to lift the whole of the current Soyokaze section up.  That might have to happen.

Old Shizuka was pretty busy. Again, the small size helped, but a lot of why the current Shizuka section isn't so busy yet is just due to me altering and re-arranging so many times. Once I get things finalized, I'll go back to making Shizuka a busy spot with lots of people yet again.

Little internal details really brought a lot of these buildings to life. Adding in lights later will add even more coolness. 

WAY better with people and furniture inside! :)
 Busy streets!

Again, internal details are important to me. Even shadow silhouettes of people in windows helps to make things seem occupied and busy.


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