Friday, January 9, 2015

Japanese railroad source videos

I am a huge fan of these Japanese train camera videos! They are a real help for getting track details and scenic elements that are close to the tracks. There are things that become clear when seeing these videos as well. One of the interesting things I've seen has been the fact that some of the bushes and trees and even structures are VERY close to the tracks. I was doing my best to keep them away, but it turns out there there were various areas where having a tree or structure close to the tracks was prototypical and normal.

At any rate, they are fun to watch and a grand resource. Of course now I have gigs and gigs of these videos downloaded and tons of screen grabs of details I'd like to add to my layout to keep track of! :)

My two little girls love to pretend they are driving the train when these videos play on our television, too. When the camera actually shows the train controls, they take turns pretending to work the controls. 

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