Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Subway Planning Sketch and reference shots

Just a view of how I like to plan projects.

I love working from reference photos, then taking elements of said photos and doing a sort of visual-kit-bashing of the elements I like. Sketching and note taking is always part of the planning - usually on paper and not on the computer. I think this stems from my creative roots and agency creative side - it's always the way I plan things work wise.

Reference photos. 

These shots really get the creative juices flowing. I just need to make sure I'm not blending too many styles and elements or else I can get walled into the "analysis paralysis" trap of being in planning mode forever!

After trying the duct curved roof, I may do a small curved area roof in one part and straight, flat roofing everywhere else.

Stairs, and escalator and elevator - a must. I'm also thinking about an underground restaurant and club - my wife's presence on the layout may get another location. Her name is Shana and I have a place on the layout for her called "Shananigans" - a restaurant and bar. :)

I don't want to get too much going on, but I feel a bit of freedom thinking about the fact that I can just work the front of the subway area and leave the back section rather plain due to the planned view blocks I'm going to have. Focus the details and various elements up front where people are actually going to see them. Pretty huge - about 65% of the subway section will not be seen.

It should be a fun little area!

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