Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sankei MP03-48 Secondhand Bookstore 1/150 N scale

I'm continuing with the Santa-san Sankei gift kits. This time it's the Secondhand Bookstore kit.

For this round, I wanted to try out the Elmers Glue Stick that Ted DiIorio mentioned on the Facebook group. It seemed odd - a simple glue stick, but he swore by it and said that he had success with it, so I wanted to give it a go.

I remembered my glue weight this time. Key for putting these paper kits together. :)

I went with the standard Elmers white glue and toothpick and the results were the same - ok, but the walls had to be weighted and I had to wait until they dried a bit before moving on.

Next came the glue stick. I rubbed some on both items I wanted to glue and stuck them together and the results were grand. It was a firm fit with little spill over and a bond that was rather solid, but one with a little wiggle room to re-position if need be. I even made a mistake and I was able to remove the piece without damaging the wall it was mounted on. I was really happy about the glue stick. Sadly, I've already placed my order for another type of glue - Deluxe Materials - Roket Card Glue, but it's still a good thing. I'm looking forward to trying it out as well.

As for the kit, it's grand like all the other Sankei kits I've put together. The cuts are clean, instructions are pretty easy to follow and the process is definitely fun. There's something that is a lot of fun about building these kits. It's not a "box of sticks" kit, but it's also not something like a snap-tight kit either. Just challenging enough to make it interesting. 

I tossed in a small "scene" inside the shop just so it looks like something is going on inside.

The process is usually the same for all these kits. Build the walls, then stick the walls together. Here you can see the walls ready for assembly. And here is where I thought about using another type of glue - Duco Cement. I've used this as my go-to cement for a while now and it's grand. ((Just don't use it on pink foam! :) )) So, I thought I'd try using it for the walls and floors this round. It wasn't great for putting wall to wall in the wall building, but it worked really well for putting all the final parts together.

The big issue - as usual with these Sankei kits - was getting things to line up properly. In this case, it was the floors fitting into the slats in the walls. Without glue, it was an easy fit to find, but with glue on, the small slat was difficult to line up. I tried to squeeze a bit harder and...squish! The wall caved! LOL

You can see the small bend where the wall bent. I was able to fix it, however.
The Duco worked well overall. The fit was good and the bond was quick. Nothing slipped or bent or bulged. It was one of my most successful wall builds, really.

I used another one of Santa-san's Sankei gifts for the back. A small AC unit that was a lovely little addition.

This was the cleanest build for me so far. I really think it was the "right glue for the right task" that came into play. Walls went together well without bowing, parts went on without having to glob on glue and the Duco option had everything setting quickly. I was really happy with this effort.

In place, it works well with the other buildings around it.

I was looking over the sheet that came with the kit and remembered that I had left the last bit of detail in my office when I was building it. On night two, I took the final Sankei panel and the building back upstairs and finished the building off with some signage.

Ah...much better. :)

Now that I'm spending a little more time with these kits and a little more time during the building of them, they are more enjoyable. Using the right tools is helping as well. No more sloppy glue splattered buildings for me! 

This weekend I'm going to try another kit - this one has much more detail and little flourishes. We'll see how it goes.

As always, comments and questions are welcome!


  1. Hi Malcolm,

    That's a great looking collection of buildings. Which Tokyu Hands does Santa San go to ? Several years ago my wife bought some things for me at the one in Shibuya. Then we went together to that one on our 2011 trip and they now longer had a model railroad dept.

    1. Hey there Brad
      Yes, it's been fun collecting them over the years, but it would be nice to be able to shop locally for my items. (Though, it's better for my wallet when I don't have direct access to these products! :) )
      I'm not sure which store they were in, but I believe they were around Shibuya, so it might have been that location. The store they went to did have a limited model rail selection, I believe. I really need to get over to Japan.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Good to know a Glue stick method~~ Did you heard about the Tamiya craft bond? I want to have a try on it.

    1. So many options! LOL
      My wife is having a good giggle over my growing obsession with glues, but it really makes a HUGE difference when the bonding process is less painful. The glue stick was really clean due to the lack of overspill and it being so direct - right on the spot it needed to be on. And the width of the pieces made the application easier - they were high enough to where I could run them right over the piece without having to worry about it getting on the table. I'd like to hear what you have to say about the Tamiya product. They usually do good work.

  3. That looks really good. Sharp wee building and nicely put together. I forward to trying the glue stick method on my Sankei kits, certainly seems like it makes things a lot easier.

    1. Thank you Michael! I'm developing a real love for these Sankei kits. Funny, a few years back I really hated them. :) I wasn't doing ANYTHING right with them and was getting really frustrated. Even gave a purchased kit away because I didn't want to build anything else by them. Now I look forward to building every one I have.
      Give the glue stick a go - it's grand for the wall sections and other flats. Then I use the liquids like Duco for the corner style sections like wall to wall areas. Working well for me so far.
      Thanks for reading! Cheers

  4. First of all, I enjoy your regular updates on the N-Scale cityscapes you create. There is a soft and flat quality to the pictures that enhances the reality. Re: glue. Thanks for the tip on Elmer stick glue and Duco. What are your impressions of the "Roket" card glue you purchased?

    Jim Camenga

    1. Hey there - thank you for the feedback!
      My go-to glues for my card kits now are the ROKET and ELMERS STICK. I've even taken to using the stick for building details like posters and the like. (We'll see how they hold up over time)
      I LOVE the ROKET stuff. It really makes the process much faster and easier in many ways. You just need to make sure you're putting the parts together properly because it's rather unforgiving. Once it's set, it's set! hehehe
      Thanks for reading!