Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plotting: "We're gonna need a bigger track."

So, I recently had another "Hmmmm..." moment.

I'm working on the subway section and love that I get to run a larger train on the larger curves there. I was thinking that it would be grand to be able to run larger trains around the layout proper as well, but the curves I have are just too small. 

My first thought was another expansion. ((Isn't this the way it goes in this hobby at times? "I'll just add this other part on and....."))  But, then I thought that in addition to that I could have the subway section come up, out and around for more fun. Tom Barbalet of the Model Rail Radio Podcast asked if that was going to happen when we last spoke and - at the time - I didn't think that would work. it seems like an awesome idea. :), how to do it.

I currently have the subway section loop - that's there. I have space to run it out on the small platform it's on now. However, I need to figure out the distance I need to rise above ground, the distance I have to do it in and who to get around and back again. I think it can be done sans helix. It would have to be done without it, really - I just don't have room. However, I can knock a hole through the wall, into the other room and around a bit in my other space. That might help a bit. Then, I need to figure out where the money will come from to build it! hehehehe 

I still will move forward on the subway section, but I'll work out the action plan as well so I know what's going to stay and what will have to change to get my loop going. Funny, too - once I get it built, I'll want to buy longer trains to run on it! hehehehe  :::sigh::::

Now...I need to read up on grades.


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