Monday, January 19, 2015

Panama Canal Mules

I was looking at some small railway ideas for a buddy of mine and I ran across the image above in image search. I thought it would make a fun switching layout idea - moving items from trains coming in to boats in the classic rail marine style, but with a little twist.

When I looked this image up, I found out that it was a track for a mule from the Panama Canal. They use them on the locks to take ships through. Looking at the whole of it, I'm not sure it would make sense as a layout, but the turntable was fun and it's interesting to see the little locos in action.

Just a little find. More fun rail action. :)


  1. That would be a cool working diorama if you built it as a working locks with water and boats

  2. I saw these back in 99 while transiting the canal. They go up and down some sharp inclines from one lock to the next. Very impressive.