Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another MODEL RAIL Radio podcast

Well, I made it on to another MODEL RAIL RADIO podcast! I wish I had more time in my day to be a part of these fantastic podcasts - they are a lot of fun.

The basic breakdown is somewhat simple. You contact the SKYPE call host (Usually Tom Barbalet) and he adds you to the meet up. You are able to participate in the chat portion of the show from that point. That's usually a lively spot full of content and links to check out.
Then, if you have something to add to the podcast, you can request to be added to the call. The format of the calls are rather loose and free flowing, so the information moves quickly and there are usually multiple sections and conversations that take place during the show. There are marathon sessions for the show as well - some ending up to be around 5 hours!

iTunes link to the show - http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/model-rail-radio/id335536272#

If you're interested in hearing my ramblings, they hit at around the 25 minute and 56 minute marks. I talk about my Old Town section a bit as well as planning and pieces. 

I was also on show #44 :)   Around the 2hr 49 minute mark.


Being on the show is always comfortable. Newcomers are usually greeted in the chat and made to feel welcome. On my first venture into the show space, I said hello and was immediately welcomed and brought into the conversation.

There are other model railroading podcasts out there, but the style and flow of MODEL RAIL RADIO is perfect for me and my commute. The free form style and numerous guests ensure that each show is PACKED with information.

Check out their website as well - 

And there is also an active space on FACEBOOK - 

This podcast is a must for model rail fans.


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