Friday, January 13, 2012

Taiwan, Pingxi Train

I love this. :) Fantastic reference video. Daunting, but I'd love to add some of these elements into my layout!

Taiwan, Pingxi Train
The Pingxi Line (平溪線) is a 12.9 km long, single-track branch of the Yilan Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It runs through the Ruifang and Pingxi Districts in the New Taipei City.
The railroad was originally built to transport coal. It was completed in July 1921.


  1. It's great to see other N scale modelers interested in Asian railways.
    I'm the founder and coordinator of the AsiaNRail N scale modular group in the San Francisco area.
    I've built modules of both Shifen Pubu (waterfall) and Shifen station, including the line through the center of the town. Using a bit of artistic license, I will also be adding the coal tipple at Jingtong (the line's terminal station) to the scene.
    Photos are available by Googling AsiaNRail in Google images or by visiting the "Tokyo in N scale" blog of my fellow AsiaNRail modeler, Brad Myers.
    I can also send photos of the modules, if you'd like to post them here.
    Fortunately, N scale models of the 1000 class Diesel railcars that serve the line today are available from Ethertrain in Taiwan, as are the 2200 class "Blue Baby" railcars that ran into the 1990s.
    The preserved CK 124 2-6-2 tank loco frequently runs railfan trips on this branchline, and it can be modeled using the MicroAce Japanese C12, which is the exact same class of locomotive with only the number boards and pilot details changed.
    Keep us all posted if you move forward with modeling this very modelable line.
    Paul Ingraham, AsiaNRail

    1. Hey Paul!
      I've spoken with Brad a few times - some great stuff over on TOKYO IN N SCALE! Very cool blog. Some awesome work.
      I really should make time to come and check things out over in SF in person, but I'm always so dern busy! hehehe One day.
      I'm currently modeling a freelance railway in a fictitious set of Cities, but I've seen several cool railways since starting. The Shifen Pubu area looks very cool. I'll have to do more research - maybe it would make a cool little shelf module scene.
      Thanks for reading, Paul! ~M~

    2. Hi, Malcolm!
      I now have a couple short vidéos of the AsiaNRail modules on YouTube. These show Shifen Pubu (waterfall) and town and station modules, along with other Asian scènes. Check them out at "Paul Ingraham's Asian Model Railway" and "Paul Ingraham's Asian Railway 2".
      When you get to th Bay Area, do get in touch!
      - Paul

    3. Hey there
      I checked out your videos - great setup!
      I actually live in the Bay Area. heheh Born and raised here. Are you on the MODEL RAIL RADIO Facebook group? If so, ping me. Or, message me through YouTube (malcojojo)
      Small world. :)

      Thanks for checking out the blog!