Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Town - The boat rental spot

Old Town is getting an addition to it's tourist trade. A pond area where people can rent paddle boats and rowboats. I'm setting the area up so that there is a run of shops, restaurants and even a little farm (maybe one that produces fresh produce for the restaurant next door?) that move out to the end of the Old Town section where the pond will start. Right now, it will just be a hint of the pond area with the building that sells tickets for it and lots of action with people waiting in line, walking out to the boats and in boats heading out. It should be a fun addition.

I was going to use straight styrene for the project, but I think that I will actually use a blend of styrene and foam core to get the look I want.

TOMYTEC buildings are pictured primarily. The docks, boats and and building comes in a set.

Visual Scene Accessory 080 Boat pier 

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