Monday, January 23, 2012

Soyokaze Stories: A Visitor

Old Town station

Old Town parking

From the notebook of Ken Kutaragi

"I'm glad I took the train instead of driving. The experience was fantastic and the small station by the temple was endearing. The tram ride took me through some of the most beautiful countryside I've seen and it seems that it took about the same time it would have taken on the Nittsu bus from downtown, but it was far less crowded and confined feeling.

I plan to revisit the restaurant Kogane no and hope to see Mrs. Teshigawara when I'm there. (Though, I must admit that it's her daughter I'd really like to see!) The food was amazing and the view of the Temple at sunset is something out of dreams.

Staying for the night may have been the best decision I've made all week. The fresh air and the sake have made me homesick. I wonder if it's raining in Saitama right now. "

Translation: Kate Marx-Cooper

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