Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moving Bus System 2

Ok...I'm a little obsessed with TOMYTEC's bus system now. :)

The downside I see to the whole of it is not having moving cars, too. You'll have these buses moving around, but no other action. However, if you're like me and love buses, these battery operated little goodies would be a fun addition to the layout.

There are some nice videos out there by other obsessed folks. :)  I love this one from a show. The small layout is something that I find inspiring as well. The detail and simple design are really nice.

And I managed to find a little review in English.

This makes it seem even cooler! :)

There are Bus Stop and Speed Control magnets that allow you to have even more control over the buses and how they move around the track. When the bus comes up to a Bus Stop magnet, it pulls into the stop, waits for 7 seconds, then moves on. Speed magnets can be used to ramp the speed and and down as you move into and out of bus stops.

In short, SO COOL!

I'm adding this into the list of possible additions to the future layout.


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