Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Model Rail Radio appearance

 It's always nice to get on to MODEL RAIL RADIO. Even nicer when I listen back to the episode and I don't sound like a complete idiot when I'm talking! heheheh

The whole show is fantastic, but my particular part in this show is around the 21 minute mark.

Model Rail Radio #115: Let's Blue Sky This Thing [January 9, 2016]

MODEL RAIL RADIO is a fantastic resource for model rail information and conversation. They have several ways you can participate and I highly recommend that you do.

You can find all sorts of tips and tricks on the Facebook page:

You can say howdy and post blogs and resources via their mailing list:

But the best way to participate is actually making a Skype call and joining in that way, saying hello, introducing yourself and what you enjoy in the hobby, and getting involved in the fun!

There's a HOW TO on the Model Rail Radio page:

The process is pretty simple. You can even dial in and just listen if you're too shy to participate. :)
Recording dates are posted on the website.


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