Sunday, January 10, 2016

Quickie iPhone zoom in and out of my layout space

I actually made it onto Model Rail Radio yesterday after some interesting technical difficulties. It was inspiring as always - I always love chatting with the show's host Tom Barbalet and the other folks who call in to the show.

Tom suggested more YouTube videos showing various aspects of my scene work. I love creating small scenes and stories in my layout. People chatting, interacting, and living in the space. I get a bit nutty sometimes when doing so - adding details that are almost impossible to see if you don't know that they are there. But, that's the fun part for me. These little spots where you can walk up to the layout and get an overall view of an area, but then you see smaller and smaller details as you get closer and lean in. That's my favorite part of the hobby.

So, the video below shows what that experience is like. I do it all the time and have forgotten about this particular aspect. It's nice to look at the layout with fresh eyes in this way. I'm starting to see things in a new way.

Again, this is a quick little video to show the near and far aspects of my N scale layout.

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