Monday, January 4, 2016

Historical View Installations

I wanted to put up some process shots from my recent viewing installation builds I completed back in December. These were fun little projects inspired by something I saw on Rios Tam's blog - a cool little display area he built for one of the gashapon submarine toys he had. I thought it was a fun way to display items like this, so I thought I'd give it a go myself.

I just used styrene - my go to material of choice for these things - and designed up some display areas for some of the 1/144 scale items I had purchased.

First up was an area for a Japanese Zero I purchased.

I kept things super simple.

A touch of paint and some signs later and things were looking pretty OK. I was going to weather up the plane because it was looking really new, but then I saw the image below and thought that it might be ok if it were a newer plane.

I'm SURE this says something unrelated to a Japanese airplane.....  :)
I used the same process on the submarine viewing area. I had two, so I built it large enough to fit both.

I wanted things to have some sweeping curves to make it look like the ocean a bit. A little design fun. I went with the blue again here. The two displays are located close to each other and I like the splash of color they add to the layout.


This was a fun little project. It allowed me to include these cool items on the layout without having to do more water scenes or build an airport! hehehe   It's a fun little nugget.


  1. That's a cool concept and well done!

    1. Thank you! It was great to be able to add some of these other items to the layout space. It seems to make sense as well - a spot to view items like this.
      Thanks for looking!