Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Forward progress

Well, I'm moving forward, but it's hard making this layout change take hold in my mind. I have this nagging thought that keeps popping into place.  

"But, you had a lot of it done already - this is a huge step backwards. You SURE you wanna do this?"

It's hard. :)

But, it's moving forward. Mr. Contractor showed up and started the initial door work - AKA, PHASE ONE - so I had to move some of my buildings off and away from Shizuka to avoid catastrophe striking. So, mentally, I've started. Buildings were taken away, boxed, and stored. Cars and poles and figures were moved off and away. It has begun!

I think what I'll do, since I have my office blown up anyway, is just camp where I am for a week or so, break down the Kiwamura side of things once the doors are in place, get the back office sorted, then move right into the back space when I end up rebuilding my office. Seems to make more sense than moving back, then moving again shortly after.

It's just going to be a wild mess for a while while I tear things apart and put them back together. I have to keep my eye on the goal - having all the layout in one room.

Some folks might be visiting from Australia in the summer months, so I'd like to have things somewhat together by then. Benchwork and track at least. And, I love the fact that when I mentioned the cost playing a factor in all this, my wife said, "It's not going to be THAT much money, right? We can make it work. It's not that big a deal." So cool that she's so supportive!

I think the most difficult part is going to be the dismantling of Kiwamura. It was just starting to come together. Again, it's going to be far more functional in the new location. That's going to be exciting. I just need to avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to the track and the overall setup. While I do want things to be done properly and cleanly, I don't want fear to freeze me up.


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  1. I felt the same way when layout No.3 was demolished before moving to the current residence. I am looking forward to seeing the new arrangement when Ros & I get there!