Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Base painting: Bye Bye Plywood!

Just some follow up photos from the base painting I've started. I'm looking forard to having all the plywood deck covered by 2017! :)

I've finally addressed the depot space now that I know it's going to live here permanently.I started by clearing everything off obviously. :)

I wanted to have a tarmac kind of feel, so I went with a darker color.

Then I painted in the street area....

Carried it out into the yard area....
Then I did a similar dark color in the yard area as a base before putting down other scenic materials.

The first round of painting made a world of difference.

I also did a little base adjustment on the loading dock and raised it up a bit. It's going to play nicely with the trains and the newly painted shipping area.

I have plans to go back in and address some level areas and some areas of the deck that need attention, but it's a nice start. It's nice to be fitting some of these projects in around the edges of "real life". It's nice to have a balance going between family, work, and hobby time from time to time.

Of course, the blog suffers the most. I did this a week and a half ago. :)


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