Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boxcar Building Kitbash

I made good on my threat, actually kitbashing up a building based on a shop space I saw in Maryland when I was back there on vacation.

I saw the original building (above) and thought it would make an interesting addition to the layout, so I put a plan in motion to bash up a version of it. Originally, I had planned on doing a direct version of this with three boxcars instead of containers, but I switched the plan when I got concerned about space.

The initial building I had purchased for the project was too small. ((SEE: Don't rush through your planning just to get something ordered online! hehehe)  Howevr, I had another little building that I wasn't happy with the placement of, so I thought I'd combine the two for this project.

The idea is that the boxcar is being used as additional storage. However, people had to b able to actually access the space. So I built an additional little walkway area on top of the main building.

The classic styrene build for a small patio area off the storage walkway.

I think I get a little sloppy with my building due to the fact that when all is said and done, you don't really see a lot in the final product in N scale two feet away. I really should work on that. 

All the parts were starting to come together nicely. I liked the composition, really. The use of the small Gashpon trolley piece I had worked out as well. As I worked on the building, I realized that I had NO idea what it was supposed to be! hhehehe  A museum? A railroad parts area? No idea. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Outside shots after the main build are always nice. The natural light can't be beat. I sat with this a while to make sure all the bases I wanted to hit were covered.

Before painting and details

After painting and details

So, purpose aside, I think I'm happy with this. It's interesting at least.  I might do another round of details after I figure out what the building's purpose might be. Until now, I plan to float it around as other areas of the layout get detailed out, then I'll find a final place for it after I figure out what it is.

I moved a building from the harbor area over to the factory area, so putting this building in the harbor area may make the most sense. I might loose the trolley aspct that way, however, so maybe not. It really does seem like a place people would visit.

I plan to finish off the edges of the foam board base before final placement. I think I'll do another round of painting on it as well.

Total cost for the building and boxcar I purchased for this project was about $11. Total time was about three or four hours to build it out, I think. And, now I hav something that is unique to my layout. I've noticed that there are a lot of Japanese layouts that have many of the same buildings on them, so it's nice to have a custom piece here and there to break things up a bit.

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