Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 19th People and Parts

I've started putting more people into the mix on the layout. Things are starting to feel more locked down, so I'm able to start adding people here and there to fill out scenes.

I have to say, they are adding a lot to the layout overall. Getting that storybook feel to things. At some point, I need to get a small hobby vacuum to deal with the dust in a more efficient manor. :)

Many of these figures have been purchased over time and were just waiting for the right time to be placed. A system that's working well for me right now - I'm able to add to the collection of people over time with smaller purchases instead of trying to populate the whole layout in one move. They add up price wise and I am not currently making time to do painting of blank figures either.

These figures are just Tomytec figs. They are colored well and look grand on the layout when paired with other touches like Tomytec's vehicle selections.

This shot really shows the orange hue to my lights! WOW! I usually run these through some post-effects to chill the orange.

Some other folks were added around as well. Some on the bridge, some in shops, and a few in the bus turn area. 

I got a...yes....TOMYTEC pack of cycles and scooters as well. :)  The vehicles are separate from the people which is a nice touch. If you want people, you can stick them on. If not, you can leave them off for parked vehicle looks. 

Some of the figures are set in a standing position as well.

I had a lot of fallen figures in the Harbor section, so I spent some time dusting and re-setting there as well. Makes a huge difference. I don't have little crime scene looking areas anymore! hehehe

And I finally started doing some helicopter tests. Sadly, the first run didn't match expectations. I need to go with a lighter color thread. Other than that, I like the overall look of it. I'll have to keep playing with it.

The plan is to have a few I can set up along with a blimp that I'll put in as well. It's very small and will have the look of being far off in the distance. I think that will be fun as well.
And, when I finally get my Kaiju Monster in place somewhere on the layout, I'll hang my military copter above the scene to monitor the action of the troops below! :)   Should be fun!  

I've also started in on more scenery. Again, just trying to kill off the bare wood look of the layout deck in various rounds when time allows for me to work on the layout. No rush. 


 Happy Hobby Time, All!  Thanks for reading!



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