Tuesday, September 13, 2016

China Offerings: Two more buildings

I got two more buildings from Happy Sun Amy (http://www.ebay.com/usr/happysun.amy) based in China and I'm still happy with the products.

The price points on these were $13 and $10 plus shipping. The quality is still proving to be grand. Thick plastic and sturdy pegs that require little to no glue. All grand.

Sadly, they were supposed to ship me a small piece that was left out of one of the kits I purchased previously, but that never arrived. Not a deal breaker, but disappointing. They were great communicators when I brought up the issue and said they would make note of the piece and send it, but it just didn't happen.

The lack of instructions makes things a little interesting, but looking at the shots they give you on their eBay product pages makes it simple to toss these together. You can see the thickness of the pegs in the photo below. They fit nice and snug into the holes provided.
(No jokes about that, please. ::::grin:::)

All in all a great fit at the seams. Just one small slide of an opening on the back side of this building.

The designs are fun and could be used on layouts that represent several countries, I'm sure. I will most likely go in and do my building insides that I like to do on the pink window building - you can really see into it and it's obvious that nothing is going on inside. I'll save that project for a rainy day. :) The nice thing about these is that the pegs make it easy to do something like that - pop them back open and add something to the interior.

The building does add a nice burst of color into the layout space.

I'm still deciding where to place the other building. I'm sure it will find a place somewhere.

I think I'm out of building space for the most part, so I doubt I'll be ordering more unless I decide to do a little module for my monorail to live in. ((Didn't work with the new arrangement of space...at least not as of yet!)) But, I could see myself ordering more for the Happy Sun Amy folks for sure. Well worth experimenting with.

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