Friday, September 2, 2016

"Water water everywhere..."

I just love what some modelers are doing with water these days. Some amazing and interesting dioramas here. I enjoy the planning that must be behind some of these. Figuring out what you want under the water, weathering and setting it in place, then making that final commitment to the scene before you make your pour. Wild stuff.

And the depths on some of these are really impressive. Working with that amount of material must be interesting. I ran into issues just pouring some water for my layout that was a mere 1/8th of an inch thick!

Check them out. I tried to include the original links from Pinterest along with the images.

I believe I'm interested enough to do a little scene with a large water element. And underwater wreck or monster or both. I think another cool item might be to include lights with the underwater element. A sub with lights or a submerged car with the lights on as some THUNDERBIRDS-like team tries to rescue the folks within.

Yeah...I need to try this out! :)[8206]/2/

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