Wednesday, September 14, 2016

N SCALE-RIFFIC - new additions

Some recent additions to the layout. No need for great descriptions or diving into details - it's pretty self explanatory. :::grin:::

I snagged one of the Tomytec tugs. Some of their boats get to be hard to find and I've been going back and forth on this one for a while now. Wanted to get it before it went missing. :)

Added some figures.

Plays well with the Tomytec barge offering.

Yes, I saw the dust on the barge. It's been addressed. :)
Not bad. I'll weather it up a bit later.

Purchased some detail elements from Tomytec as well. Not sure why I went with these instead of some Sankei paper kit details. Most likely due to the fact that I'm feeling time pressed these days and didn't see myself being very happy building the Sankei kits right now.

Some other layout shots. 

I added another round of paint into the mix one afternoon after work before the wife and kiddies got home. Between work times in the evening and some quick projects in the afternoon at lunch time, I'm getting some fun work time in.

I moved all my factory items out of the way and did a few layers of paint in the space.

The black was a bit too black, so I lightened it up in the second round of painting.

I want to go in and do road markings and the like, but I still need to address just how I'm going to go about it. I've experimented with paint pens and they work rather well. I've also tossed down some tape and painted in the markings and that worked rather well as well. Once I find a good source of road marking reference and explanation, I'll play around with some options on a test area, then I'll get to work on all the road areas that are ready for markings. I think that will up the level of the layout immensely. 




  1. I do as well! I was looking at a lot of water posts on Pinterest - - and I thought about doing a little diorama piece with water, boats, and trains. It's on my TO DO list. :)