Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amazing Set

I saw this and had to post it - it's really nice work!

Temple and North Philly

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitbash: Fire escapes and rooftops

I love how these fire escapes turned out. They were a little difficult to work out, but I dig the way they turned out overall.
I still need to weather the fire escapes. I think a little lay of weathering will be good and will solidify the whole of the image.

Shooting these buildings in the sunlight worked out as well. I love the look of the natural light.

These folks really do need railings now. I need to make sure they don't fall off the roof! :)

Want to see more? Visit my FLICKR gallery!

Rooftop people

Rooftop people added a cool little detail. I need to address a railing now, however. I don't want my tiny folks falling from the roof while trying to enjoy the view, right?

These were Woodland Scenic folks. I think they really make the scene.

Path and Grass

Making the path and the rooftop grass areas was easy and fun. I just plotted the path and drew it out with a pencil, then I spread the glue out and dropped in the grass and path material.

I added a small rooftop vine off the side and I think it adds a little.

Kitbash: Revised Plan

After some thought, I'm revising the plan of action for the Kitbash Project.

Having fire escapes down one short wall got me thinking - why not have fire escapes that would actually WORK in a fire. (Real world, of course)

So, I made another visit to Feather River Trains and snagged another few sets of escapes. I'm going to take them down the front of the taller building and the side of the smaller one.

The roof garden will now be accessed through a rooftop door I'll be installing. I'm using an electric box set as the door area. I think it will work well. I've also snagged a Woodland Scenic bench set so we'll see people enjoying the garden, too. I hope it all fits.

First step - fire escapes. It might be easier weathering them off of the building. I might tackle that, then place them, though I think the glue will work better without paint.
Second step - starting work on the rooftop.

Pictures will follow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitbash: Paint Up

I've started the kitbash project!

I finally made time to paint up the taller building - tossing some brown into the mix to tie the two buildings together a bit more. I think it's working well. (Comments welcome)

The thing my wife pointed out, however, was that the fire escape going from the tall building on the left to the roof of the building on the right makes it looks like once you are there, you are hosed and unable to get off the roof in an actual fire.

I was looking at the escape as a way to access the rooftop garden area, but from a "real world" standpoint, I think it makes sense to carry on the fire escape from the smaller roof to ground level. This means additional escape purchases. I'll have to do the math and see what that means.

Next steps:
• Fire escape purchase
• Fire escape mounting
• Fire escape weathering

• Signs - English, Japanese or mix?
• Base area with eating area - look into options

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knuffingen Airport

Amazing n-scale airport - Miniatur Wunderland.
Can't get enough of this place! :) I need to make it out to Germany one day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The local Ladies Film Group braves the cold to see 8 1/2.


Yes, it had to happen.
GUNDAM anime figures running through my N-Scale set! :)
Yes...there will be a GUNDAM bash complete with crumbled buildings, blast marks and heavy weathering and detail!

KITBASH: The Building Project

My next project - a building kitbash complete with front area, fire escape and rooftop garden!
I have the fire escape. It's a cool little metal kit I need to "fold together". Should be interesting. The rooftop garden will be some shrubs, a tree and bushes making a walkway with a walkable roof. I want to have lights both inside and outside as well. I have a stand alone light kit for that. Details added to the lobby and front area should make this a fun little project. make time to actually do it! :)

I have a little fear of messing up the buildings - I really like them and they are not super cheap. However, I've worked with models and the like and think that I have the skills to pull it off. But, do I have the patience?

A detail sketch of what I'm hoping to pull off. Looks good on paper. I think that once I really get in there and start, I'll see things i want to add and other items I'll have to ditch. Comments and suggestions welcome!

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS (...or lack thereof...)

California State Railroad Museum

I had a fantastic time here. It's really a must for any rail fan, parent or model train nut! :) Well worth a venture to Sacramento and a day in Old Town.

"Located in Old Sacramento, the California State Railroad Museum is a complex of historic facilities and unique attractions. Widely regarded as North America's most popular railroad museum, there is something here for everyone! Throughout the year, experience lavishly restored trains, engaging exhibits, and unique special events."