Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Out of the ashes...a new layout arrises!

WOO HOO! I finally broke my buildings out of their boxes and popped them back onto the layout! SO HAPPY!

I still have a LOT of shifting, plotting, planning, and building to do, but it's great to have things back on the layout again.  The new layout is providing some new interests as well - some cool shots and scenes.

Funny, but when I was doing my planning, I completely forgot the residential area. Oops. I found a fix that should work, however. We'll see. The raised track areas are visually fun. Can't wait to scenic them!

The new Soyokaze Village area is a lot of fun. I might make it a walking only area with a few exceptions for deliveries and the like. I've seen some areas in Japan that have this. I think it would be fun to have little chains and poles roping off the area with a bunch of people walking around as tourists.

I also need to look at how people get up to the temple area - walkways and the like. Maybe clay.

The Soyokaze Town area is currently split up a bit. I need to work on it.

I'm trying to sort out how the heck I'm going to scenic the mountain in the background! hehehe I should have made it a module instead of building it in place. We'll see how it goes. : /

Not much changed in the yard area.

Shizuka needs some shifting and shuffling, but it's going to be a good space, I think.

So glad to have things out of boxes and to have the space back in my office space!
Now begins the building shifting and shuffling phase I love! Always a lot of fun. I also want to scenic up Temple Hill - it's become a tradition to have that done first. The Harbor Section is a bit forgotten. I need to dial that in a bit as well. I'm still sorting some things out there. For some reason, the new space is a little more difficult than it used to be. 

Ahhhh....happy camper! :)  Thanks for reading!


Plaster - a messy necessity

Well, after swearing off plaster the last time I used it, I dove back in after thinking it through. I had SO MUCH space to cover that using the bag of plaster and towels seemed like the best way to go.


The cap of the hill over the tunnel comes off to allow track access 

I slathered a bunch of brown base paint down to get rid of the white. It really helped to give me a sense of completion.

After that was locked down and drying, I snagged a module off my back area of the layout and took it outside for a little photo session. The gray skies give a great photo light.

Soyokaze Farm

Loving my little yard area now, too. It provides some fun little puzzles.

Thanks for reading! 

Next up:   Photos of the new, unpacked layout space! YES! I have buildings back on my layout now! WHOO HOO!