Monday, October 17, 2011

Office Layout Revised

I've revised my office layout yet again. It keeps me out of trouble and manages to get me a little model rail hobby in. It seems to be the only time I get these days, honestly.

I followed through on my plan to bring my Kato Unitram to work, take out all the tan roadbed parts, and keep the gray Unitram look going at work. I now have the mega layout at work, taking up the whole utility table i have it set up on right now.

I have two more large buildings that I'll bring back to work (I took them home to detail them, but just don't make time for it) and once they are here I'll do one last bit of arrangement to make everything visible and interesting.

As always, I'm faced with the issue that I want to be able to see everything from the front, so it tends to have a somewhat unnatural feel to the whole of it. You just don't tend to see nothing but the fronts of buildings unless you're at someplace like Disneyland. :) However, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with some arrangement that works for me.

Now, to take the tan road plates home and reset my Old Town layout!

Some additional photos can be found here: