Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 2018 Update: A whole lot of little things

Well, not a whole lot to report of late. My recent layoff gave me a lot more time to work on the layout, but I've been spending the time looking for a new job and worrying about finding a new job instead. :::grin:::  The funny thing is, if I worked on the layout more, I'd probably be less stressed about the job front. Go figure.


Today's music for the post:

My daughter wanted to run trains around the other day and I dropped everything and set it up for her. I had just cleaned the track a few days earlier, so it was a rather successful time for her. I was impressed by the care she was taking to keep the trains running at a slower speed. I've talked to them about it in the past, but she really remembered.

The other thing was to remember that the big take away I want for her is to have fun with it. I basically kept my mouth shut and enjoyed her enjoyment of seeing things go around. She also re-noticed that she, her sisters, and her brother all have spaces on the layout in the downtown section.
(( You can see her spy them in the video )) Pretty cute to see her light up and say, "Hey...there's my toy shop...and Sen's candy shop..."  :)

I've started working on the coverage project for this summer. I'd like to have all the bare spaces covered with scenery by the end of the summer. I think I can do it. I'm going to spend 30 to 45 minutes a day on it if I can. Just knock it out little by little. It's going to be good for my recharging as well.

So, for now I move forward, pace myself, and make sure I'm only working on the layout when the mood is right. That's another thing that's come up. There are times I'll be working on the layout, but I won't FEEL like working on it. That just causes frustration. As soon as that happens, I make sure I walk away. I want this to be fun, not work.

Some of the bare spots I was talking about in the shot above. I want to make sure no bare deck areas are showing by the end of summer! :)

I plan to add many, many more people soon!

The harbor area needs to be a bit more busy. 

Thanks for reading!