Saturday, January 12, 2013

Soyokaze, Japan - Jan 12, 2013

Well, I started this small update on January 2nd.

On January 3rd, my daughter Seneca was born.

And, here we are - 10 days later and finally getting around to writing something about it. :)  I'm sure my hobby time will now be limited to a little writing, some photos here and there and listening to Model Rail Radio.

I had a nice little realization when coming back and looking at these photos. I was really happy about how Soyokaze is shaping up. There are some fun little scenes coming together and some more planned for the layout.

From a planning standpoint, I think I would have liked for the station and tracks to run through the set rather than a simple through pass as a module. It would have been nice to have some action with trolley cars coming through the village area. However, this is a "practice" layout and I'll see about doing something like that when the "Fabulous, Future Layout" is built out.

Soyokaze is starting to come together
Kitbashed fish cart - styrene and the bottom of an N scale van

Temple area

I have spent some time getting little interactions and scenes going in Soyokaze. Things I'd like to experience in a small town environment in Japan. A storybook-like visual look. It's a fun process and a great way to get down into the layout to make areas interesting. The idea is to have various little areas with interactions and stories. Areas that will be written about and people views that will make the viewer think about what may be going on, what is being talked about, or where the people may be headed. It should be fun. I like what's happening so far.

View of the walkway area around the station. I love how this is working!

The station and truck area

Lovers walk...and a dusty car

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