Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Another layout on the horizon!


N•RAIL may soon have a layout number....four? Five? Lost count. :::grin:::

Play it loud! :) 

So, I have a little bit of space, a little wood left over from the layout, and a LOT of N scale. I can't do another large layout, but I can do a small, well detailed layout that I can have some fun with. So, the plan is to do a smaller...MUCH smaller....layout that I can get some hobby time in on. 

I've been thinking about it and I think I want to avoid using my KATO Uniplates. I liked the city setup I had - Shizuka was a love of mine, but I think I want the focus to be a little smaller and "sweeter" with a small town feel. So I and going to dust off some of the Soyokaze items and do something small with some switching action and a focus on the town, people, and vehicles. 

Almost leaning in towards my original layout. Looking back at the photos from it makes me think that it's TOTALLY the way I'll go. 

If I'm smart about the design, I can get a lot of fun items in and really work on my detailing, which is one of my major joys anyway. And with a smaller amount of track, maybe my trams will run better, so I can really do some tight radius work with track running close to the structures. I've always loved that look. 

MAYBE it even warrants the purchase of a few special items, but I doubt it. I have BOXES and BOXES of N scale items and the mere thought of buying more right now fills me with more dread than joy! hehehehe

First things first - I need to do a bit more cleaning in the garage and a few more round of organizing before setting anything into motion. After that, I'll have to look through all my items and make some selections. WHEW!

It's a lot of fun to think about and I'm rather excited by the prospect of having trains running again and my beloved hobby back in my life.