Thursday, November 16, 2017

November Update: Crawling forward through the Fall

Still have a ton of stuff going on this week, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

Firstly, a video of the latest iteration:

I realized that I've been taking things really...REALLY slow (GOOD! Last time I rushed things and made some mistakes)   but now I'm going so slow that I'm actually stopped for the most part. I plan on fixing this in the coming weeks once things chill out a bit. I need to get things back to a point where I can start adding my buildings back into the mix. I miss them a lot! That's the part I really enjoyed - moving the buildings around and city planning. I want to get there before 2018 hits....which is like...what? Two days away now? hehehehe   The "HOLLOWDAZE". Always so crazy. Why do we do it? Anyway.....

I have a weathering plan for this guy....

90 to 95% done with my friend Tom Barbalet's gift. :::grin::: Hope to get it to him in December for the holidays. He does so much for the model rail community with MODEL RAIL RADIO that I just wanted to give a little back.

I moved the shipping area over to where I had a train house previously. The train house will go away to make room for some more interesting, double rail switching in the shipping arena. I'm not a big operations guy, so this will be just fine for me and my small aspirations towards switching. :)

Not sure WHAT the old shipping area will be at the moment. Another station? Another industry? The latter sounds more interesting.

I'm still sorting out where I'm going to put a tunnel in. I know I want one, but it's just a matter of where. I was thinking that it might run by Soyokaze Temple, but I'm exploring options.

Lastly, I've added another tram to the mix. A TOMYTEC offering I dug. I popped their engine system in and the whole procedure took less than eight minutes!

The Railway Collection Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau Type 5000 (Final Painting) A (#5015) (Model Train)

TM-TR03 N-Gauge Power Unit For Railway Collection, for Road Surface 2 Articulated Car (Model Train)

Thanks for reading!