Friday, April 27, 2012

Some nice Woodland Scenics N Scale pieces

I was flipping through N SCALE Magazine and saw that there are some nice pieces coming out soon from Woodland Scenics.  While it's ideal to craft your own stuff if you're into it, WOODLAND is great when you want to add a little pep to your layout, but don't have the time or desire to do it yourself. And, these make a nice addition even if you prefer to hand craft items. They are just nice pieces.  You can find additional items on their COMING SOON page. 

(( I've taken the liberty of snagging their descriptions from their site - I don't think they'll mind. :)  ))

J.W. Cobbler - N Scale    BR4931

You can almost hear the door-bell jingle and smell the leather. You can just imagine the village shoemaker sitting hunched over his cluttered workbench topstitching some new boots or re-soling a pair of shoes.


Misc. Freight - N Scale    A2216

Tons of freight move daily through every part of America. You’ll find it stacked on industrial loading docks, aside packing houses, on harbor docks or at train depots. This figure set includes an assortment of colorful, highly detailed crates, boxes, bags and sacks of varying shapes and sizes. 

Tim Burr Logging - N Scale    AS5343

Tim shouts last-minute instructions to his driver who takes the lumbering load of logs to the sawmill.

Bad Boy Bikers - N Scale    AS5344

Three bad-boys, complete with do-rags, tattoos and pony-tails, set ready-to-ride on their custom choppers. 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bridge Planning and the Corner

I've decided to forget the lighting for now. It's just...not where my mind is right now. I do plan on  slipping wires into the buildings for FUTURE lights, however. Then, I'll move on.

I plan to move forward on Soyokaze, building a footbridge to span between the two hills and dropping a larger water area in between them. This will allow for the duck boats to be in the center and for the Tomytec fishing boats I have to be towards the back in deeper water. If I do it correctly, it should be a very nice scene.  I have the Woodland Scenics water effects kit and plan to experiment with it to see what I can manage. Seeing as it's more on the "creative" side and not on the electronics side, I have faith that I can be somewhat successful. :)

I'm thinking of something like this for the bridge.

I'm going to be crafting it from scratch out of styrene and foam board. The overall look will be wood - maybe with the traditional red paint, but I'm leaning towards straight wood look and feel.

Bridge look
Bridge location - where the white strip is

Sadly, Shizuka is packed up and away. It will resurface in 6 weeks or so in our new office, but will remained packed while I work from home. :(

OTHER: The America's

I'm still working on the new American module. I'm looking into lighting it with a small light kit I picked up a year or so ago.  

I think it will do the job.  I'm also looking into streets and various details to make the project last longer. Something like an empty lot, parking area and the like. This will allow for a little American modeling. The buildings will have more of this internal buildup and figures, so it's a somewhat slow process. I have the internals set up for printing, but building the buildings and detailing will take a while. I'll post project pictures for those who are interested. 

I also need to refine my little Industrial area. Pep it up a bit and tune it. More projects.  :)



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N-Rail Updates

Hello from the wonderful world of N scale hobbies! :)

I had a few updates for what's going on in the microverses of Soyokaze (formerly Old Town) and Shizuka (formerly Downtown) these days. There isn't a whole lot, but there is some news.


Efforts to get a grip on LED lighting brought progress on Soyokaze to a halt. I had everything ready to set, paint and detail, but the issue of lighting the buildings stopped me from doing anything until I figured out what I wanted to do lighting wise.

I set out to learn about LED lights and the like really frustrated. I'm an "artist" and have that mindset. Thoughts of power sources, current, electricity flow, voltage and watts made my head spin.  The small efforts I made didn't seem to work. At all. An LED that worked when touched to a battery failed to work when wired and soldered to one. So, I stopped.

I've gone through various stages of being ok with no lights this round. It is, after all, a little "practice" layout and, when I get my space I need in a new house, I'll be redoing the works. But, it would be nice to have lights now. I have almost a year before we move and we're still not sure I'll actually have room for a set once we do. So, I keep thinking. I might just run wires to the buildings now, then move on with details with the idea that I'll go back and add power and LEDs later. That's sounding like a good plan right now.

I continue taking pictures, too. Sad - it's the same shots over and over.

Station Area - Soyokaze
Temple Area - Soyokaze
Meanwhile, people continue to wait around for a place to sell their goods and shop. They sit atop my shelving unit and mill about aimlessly. However, some of them have managed to start dating which is nice. :)
First Date in Shelf Limbo


The office layout of Shizuka needs to be packed up and put away until we get our new offices set up. A sad day indeed. It'll be missed. but, the upside is that I'll be able to work out anther variation of it once the new office is set. The new layout will be smaller at first due to space constraints (not that I even know what my space looks like yet!) However, I'm told that that will change yet again in the coming months when someone leaves the company and an office space opens up again. Figures crossed, but my breath is NOT being held on THAT one. We'll see what happens.

For now, Shizuka is missing. It disappeared right off the face of the map!
Shizuka minus people and buildings. Twilight Zone


The buildings behind the people in the FIRST DATE image above are going to be used in another, US based module. Plans are not set yet, but it will involve boats, water and a ship museum along with the brick buildings above. I needed something to move forward on while LED issues got resolved.

I'm also going to look at a rearranged setup for my US industrial shelf module. Not sure what's going to happen there, but something needs to change. I've been staring at it for far too long and taking the same pictures of it for months now.

All for now. Happy Hobby to ya! 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miniatur Wunderland remodeling

There are some big happenings over at Miniatur Wunderland. They are revamping the layout of their offices and building including a new ticket system, larger eating area and new children play area. They are taking advantage of the renovation to make the stairway larger and add additional improvements that will make visitors more comfortable and happy.

It seems like they are also going to guided tours instead of a free form style, so that will be interesting. They are aiming to have the work done by July 1st, so of you're planning a trip, you may want to wait a bit. :)

Gerrit also talks about a recent accident with the plane system and the addition of a few new planes.

NOTE: There is a closed caption button at the bottom of the player - CC.